Welcome to the site!

We have a new look as of June 20, 2016. Not a massive departure from the previous look but we do want to bring attention to a few changes with this new design:

  1. We have dropped our blog section and instead will be updating news items of a timely fashion via the Facebook page. However, we will keep adding new things to the appropriate pages. (For example, if we learn a new book we will add it to the Yawo literature page).
  2. We have combined all of the comments we have received since 2000 onto one page, the comments page. So if you want to send as a comment about the site, just use our contact us feature.
  3. We changed hosting┬áservers, but that doesn’t affect you so don’t worry about it.

Enjoy and please spread the word about The I Am Yawo Project.

One thought on “Welcome to the site!

  1. Excellent idea. As a Yao, I am interested in this project.

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