English-Ciyawo and Ciyawo-English Learner's Dictionary

Ciyawo-Cingelesi ni Cingelesi-Ciyawo Dikishonale ja Wakulijiganya

The English-Ciyawo dictionary has been designed to help Yawo learners improve their English language skills for undertaking secondary school and university in the following ways:

  • It helps a Yawo learner identify and learn the 3,000 most important and frequently used words in the English language.
  • It gives a learner the most important meanings of each English word.
  • It shows a learner how an English word is used in a sentence and also gives a translation of each sentence in Ciyawo to help a learner fully grasp the meaning.

Find the English-Ciyawo Dictionary on the Google Play store.

The Ciyawo-English Dictionary has been designed with non-Ciyawo speakers in mind, particularly those who want to learn Ciyawo or increase their capacity in Ciyawo for development work, health education, religious education, business and general interaction. This dictionary will help the user understand the most important and frequently used words in the Yawo language by providing definitions in English and Ciyawo for each sense as well as example sentences and phrases in Ciyawo and English. This dictionary will also help Yawo speaking students know how to spell Ciyawo words, understand the meanings of them, and how to use these words in sentences and phrases.

Find the Ciyawo-English Dictionary on the Google Play store.

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